Internship (and some non-relevant things)

It’s been soooooooooooooooo long since I actually wrote something on this blog. I’m currently in my junior year and preparing to apply for an internship at the company where my friend works. I know how lazy it sounds but I can’t say no to an offer like that. I mean obviously, it’s just a 2-month internship without payment, but hey, that’s one of many options so far. Being blocked in writing actually does harm me a lot. I can’t even think of any good idea to fill in my application form. The laziness spoils me a lot too. I become distracted from what used to be my passion. I feel like no longer have any motivation to study, even though I know time is passing. What I was afraid has eventually come so close. I just hope that I will change before I get an actual job and find myself a reason to keep on. Starting something is hard, but keeping it in pace is even harder. Trust me, I tried.


A little hope for another year…

Well, my second year didn’t start out so well. I made the same mistake just like last year. Not only once, twice, but thrice!!! And my luck this time, unfortunately, didn’t help me that much (although I hoped that it should’ve at least helped me in just one subject!) I was a little bit ignorant about my study and, what can I say, bitterly, that’s what I deserve for being too self-confident. So, I am here, struggling to prepare myself again for the three little nightmares (I seriously, sincerely hope I will meet other teachers this time, ’cause the last teachers were way too horrible). But a little hope for a not-yet-to-come tragic year, is that I seem to get back to normal after solving my own problems 🙂 So congrats to myself! But I’m worried about how my mom would figure all out and then push me out of the house and then become a wicked witch (just kidding). Well, probably it’s just a sign to tell me that I should get a part-time job or something like that before I get kicked out of the house. I’m considering it, very carefully… I hope.

New year, but not positive at all

I just finished my last exam this morning and, to be honest, I have little hope about passing the test without losing something (maybe too many things). Well, this week has been playing dumb to me. First, I got off the schedule, totally forgot about the writing test (which my friend told me she was unable to do it, so I don’t know whether to consider that not taking the test that day was bad or not). Well, second time of the whole four years and first time of the first semester as a sophomore. It was my fault after all. But, the unfortunate still hadn’t gotten over me yet. Two days after the writing test, I got late for the listening test. This time, with companion. I seriously wanted to cry at that time. The moment we found the room, the cruel teacher wouldn’t let us in. Okay, 30 minutes was maybe a little bit too much for a test, I admit. But the real fuck after all these, no second exams!!!!!!!!!!! That damn little school. I was wondering what they did on all those days? Playing? Then why no second exams??????? I was so mad I cried on my way back home. There was no way I could pass all two subjects. My grades weren’t good enough. Sometimes I just wish I never went to college. Seriously.

An awful teacher

Well, let me try to be serious this time. Not all teachers in college are good to you, and vice versa. But there’s one thing that I really hate: body-shaming. I grew up listening to it almost everyday, and it really irritates me, a lot. I mean, as long as you look okay, no one, even your parents, your close friends, siblings, relatives, etc or anyone who is close to you, has the right to judge you. I grew up almost becoming one of the “self-judge” people out there. Is body-shaming serious? In Vietnam, I don’t know, people say those things to each other everyday, almost like a way of greeting, without really realizing it. Even my mom, a great woman that I admire, keep telling me that I’m fat, and that I should lose weight to be healthy and, of course, “look pretty”. To me, the worst thing she ever does to me is to get mad to me everytime I get mad to her, for being an annoyance. Her jokes, they are good sometimes, but when I tell her to stop, she should stop. But she didn’t, and then we fought. And I was wrong every-damn-time. Life is being so unfair to me *sob*. Anyway, back to the topic. There’s one teacher that I, to be honest, hate a lot. Why? He always gives irrelevant comments to students. For example, he told one of them that she is short, and fat, and that she should dye her hair in order to understand what he said (WTF was that? To be frank, I don’t even think any of us can understand what he said LOL so please, stop being a whore!!!) He gives praises to whoever he likes, and I seriously don’t expect that from a teacher, a person who should be considerate and precise in teaching and commenting, not just praising or pitying them whenever he likes, because, he is not as good as many of us in the class. Some of us had to do the presentation again, but his attitude is still the same. Pissing people off with his unworthy sh*ts. If I got the chance to do the presentation again, I would tell him this, “Teacher, I have some comments about your comments. First, please do not add irrelevant things to the presentation like you’re short or you’re fat or you should dye your hair blah blah blah, because you’re not that perfect and you don’t even have the rights to say those things to anyone. What our bodies look like is none of your *beep* business. So stop being a whore because right now I’m thinking of you that way!!!” *And then I will be dismissed LOL*.

It’s not good to pick up on others’ disadvantages just to make yourself feel better. I met him on my first year, 1st semester, and I thought he should have been better since then. But hell no, he’s badder than worst. I swear, for the sake of my life, if I ever meet him again in any other subjects, I won’t just leave it.


Well, my mid-term presentation was finally done perfectly 🙂 I got 10 marks from my presentation about Singapore. That’s great. The feeling when I talked in front of the teacher and my class, it’s kinda… interesting. You know, I think I’m finally used to standing in front of the class (or maybe I need several times to get used to it LOL). Anyway, I think I have more motivation to practice speaking more than ever 🙂 Another reason why I could finish it so easily was because teacher didn’t ask difficult questions to me. Luckily, the day before the presentation, I searched almost everything about Singapore. Some I really didn’t know but I was able to answer since I read a little bit on Wikipedia, such as food. I know about the frog porridge, though I’ve never eaten it before, and bak kut teh, because our tour guide used to talked about it, and I almost forgot until I searched it on Wiki the day before. My mood was good that day too, so everything just went out smoothly. It reminded me of the last-term presentation on my first semester. I brought a piece of paper there and I couldn’t even read information precisely. I only had 30 minutes to prepare, and I didn’t even practice speaking, so it’s easy to understand why I didn’t get good grades.

Anyway, mission accomplished. So I’m gonna treat myself a day tomorrow 😀 Just kidding, we have a day off.

Presentation: My trip to Singapore

Hi everyone, my name is Nga, and today I’m going to talk about my trip to Singapore last summer before I started my first year at university. First of all, I used to hear a lot about Singapore when I was small, about the clean environment, or the strict law, or the well-qualified education there. My 2-day trip to Singapore actually helped me discover a little more about the country. I went on the trip with my mom’s company. We crossed Singapore through Malaysia border custom on the morning after we left Malaysia. After receiving rooms at the hotel, we started our visit to the Merlion Park, which consists of the famous national symbol of Singapore, the Merlion. Merlion is an imaginary creature with a lion head, which represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, meaning “lion city” and a fish body, which symbolizes the country’s origin as a fishing village when it was called Temasek, which means “sea town” in Javanese.

As expected, the streets in Singapore were very clean. There were a few trash cabins on the streets, and Singapore was full of tall buildings. We looked outside of the Marina Bay Sand at the Merlion Park and came across the Durian Theater in our way back to the hotel. We also went to Resorts World Sentosa to shop and visit the S.E.A Aquarium. It was a huge aquarium with different underwater species.  Around 6 or 7 at night we went to see the show called Wings of Time at Sentosa. It was a 25-minute show about two friends, a mysterious pre-historic bird and their journey across several landscapes and time to find the bird’s home. That was my first time seeing a performance of water and light that was so beautiful and amazing. We also went to see the Madame Tussauds, which is a museum contains wax figures of famous people including President Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II. You can take photos with your favourite celebrities at the nearest distance and you can hug them as well.

Some fun facts about Singapore: Singaporean’s mother-tongue is not English. Instead, it’s Bahasa Malaysia, since the original citizens of the country are Malaysia. Just like us, English is their second language. People aren’t allowed to bring durians to the metro, probably because of the smell. And the SH we usually see rich people ride in VN, in Singapore, our tour guide said that people used SH to collect garbage. Strange right?

When we went to Changi International Airport to get back to VN, I was shocked. Because the airport was as luxurious as a 5-star hotel. All the luxurious, famous brands all gathered in just one airport. It’s much bigger than TSN airport, and the service was a little better.

Singapore is great and I’m looking forward to getting back one day.

My first exam using recording file

Well, it is actually pretty funny when I first heard of this kind of exam. It’s never happened to appear on my mind even once. But it’s pretty great to me, maybe just because I’ve got used to reading this kind of thing alone when I was on my old days 😀 (another good tip of learning English, if you don’t have anyone to talk to, just don’t mind speaking alone. I’m being honest).

Anyway, things were a little bit harsh for me because I “accidentally” drank too much cold drink for the terrible heat of Saigon. My throat sored and became stuck in a bunch of terrible sticky yellow substance (ew :P). I’ve just finished my recording with the cannot-be-worse throat (okay, I’m just overreacting, my throat isn’t that bad, it just sores a bit, but it’s completely uncomfortable to me). Now that everything’s gone peacefully so far, I just hope that I can get through this exam with a fair grade, that’s enough for me. College life is definitely a new life for me, and I still have to discover a lot and try to throw myself into the environment if I ever want to survive through 4 years and get a job and then do whatever I want.

First college mission

Right on the very first week of the first year :< It’s not an assignment. In fact, it’s a presentation (at least I didn’t have to do everything alone). Okay, it’s of the English Grammar class (damn it, I hate it now). To be serious, it’s not too hard to understand, since I have reference books. But it’s a little bit complicating if I have to express by my own way, with my own words. I’ve never done this before, as I never volunteered to do such thing. But I’m in college now, so everything must go the other way. No more force-to-study method, just self-study, and it’s actually pretty great. This is the first time I’ve ever really worked and learned from my PC. Sending emails, files through emails, I should get used to it soon. Anyway, after a long long time considering, trying to refer to any kinds of books I had, I can finally complete it, though, well, I don’t know, my part seems so short comparing to the others’. We only have one week to prepare for anything, and everything just started last Thursday. I’m a little worried of talking in front of so many people, but luckily, there are only about 30 students in my class, so I think I’ll make it. Anyway, still, being in the first group to finish the presentation is much better than finish it later. I mean, who knows if there’s any problem on the day you give out your presentation? Still, finishing it first is one of the best solutions I think. I was wondering if I could really do it. You know the public. Always that bad to people if they don’t like them. I’m more worried about my facial expression when I talk up there. I always have that unhappy face in me, which stays the same even when I’m normal. I don’t like when people just criticize me for my facial expressions. I rarely smile, for sure, and I cry a lot. You know, some kind of an easy-crying baby. But I don’t like it. I hate crying, especially in front of anyone, because it makes me look so fake. I don’t want people to know too much about me, since it makes me look like I’m made used of. Anyway people keep telling me to join clubs. Until now, I’ve just only joined the English club. I intend to attend the arts club, as I like music, and I also want to try to perform on stage even just once in my lifetime. I really, really want to learn to play the guitar, but I don’t have one, and because most of my time I stay exhausted from studying in the morning or in the afternoon. I mean, watching a girl playing guitar on stage is a great thing to see right? Come one, you know Taylor Swift, she did it before. Still, I’m considering it. I don’t like the crowd, so I think joining in 2 or 3 clubs is okay, no more, no less. And one more thing, I’ll have to take exams to get my driving license next weekend and I hope I will get it soon. I just can’t wait to get the driving license (or maybe not?). Anyway, I need to prepare myself well to get my group to the top of the world 🙂 Seeya


Okay, đây chính thức là bài đăng đầu tiên về khoảng thời gian 4 năm đại học dài đằng đẵng của mình. Thực ra thì buổi học đầu tiên là từ… thứ Hai rồi cơ, trước sinh nhật mình đúng một ngày :v Ấn tượng đầu tiên hả? Trường này cũng tốt đó chứ, cơ sở vật chất đầy đủ, và đặc biệt nhất là William Cường có vòi xả :v Hạnh cmn phúc. Đúng ra mình phải đi học từ chiều thứ Hai rồi cơ, nhưng mình lại méo xem thời khóa biểu và… tự cho phép mình nghỉ một bữa :v Và buổi thứ hai thì đi muộn nửa tiếng -_- Vãi cả sinh viên gương mẫu. Mình đâu có biết là đường lại lắm chỗ kẹt như vậy. Vả lại mình ghét đi xe máy. Ghét khủng khiếp luôn. Mấy ngày hôm nay như bị rút hết sức lực, không còn muốn viết gì nữa. Bây giờ còn đỡ, vì một ngày chỉ học sáng hoặc chiều, đỡ phải đi đi lại lại nhiều. Mà công nhận mấy môn đại cương thật khiến người ta đau não mà. Điển hình là Tiếng Việt thực hành. Đậu phộng, hôm nay vừa mới học xong. Thật đúng là biết đùa nhau mà. Văn của mình từ thời cấp hai nó đã nát còn hơn chó gặm rồi mà bây giờ còn bắt học cái này là sao? Sao cứ thích biến mọi thứ từ đơn giản thành phức tạp làm chi vậy? And the English Grammar class. I… I don’t understand a thing. And now, me, along with two others, is having a presentation next week :< I don’t know what to do, where to start or how to summarize everything in just 10 mins. I’m stuck (or suck?)! I don’t know, why do I have a feeling this year won’t be easy on me, for sure. Scholarship, I don’t even want to think about that. Excuse me, who do you think I am? I’m not the kind of person who likes competing all the time, especially in my weaknesses (sporting, representating,…) Moreover, I’m afraid of talking in front of too many people. I mean, what if I was embarassed in front of many people. I don’t like that. Not at all. It’s not funny.

Đôi lời muốn nói

Đây là blog mới của mình, chủ yếu là những bài viết, những câu chuyện thường ngày về cuộc sống sinh viên đại học. Bây giờ mới chỉ là năm nhất của mình thôi, chặng đường 4 năm còn dài, chắc chắn sẽ có nhiều thứ để kể. Năm đầu tiên, mình biết còn dễ, nó chưa là gì so với những năm còn lại. Bây giờ mới là thử thách thật sự, vì mình phải tự làm tất cả mọi thứ, tự học, tự tìm tài liệu, tự đi đến trường, tự thu xếp mọi việc. Vì đây toàn bộ là cảm xúc, suy nghĩ cá nhân của mình nên có ai vô tình đi lạc qua đây thì cũng không cần để ý đến nó đâu, nếu có comment nói chuyện với mình được thì tốt, vì mình vốn thích chém gió :v Thế nhé :)))